Advising in CAHNRAs a student in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources you will have a faculty advisor starting your first semester. During Orientation, we talk to students about their educational and career goals. Based on this information, we can assign a faculty advisor in your major who best matches your individual interests and goals. Students work closely with their faculty advisors regarding course selection, graduation requirements, and career goals.

The Office of Academic Programs provides additional information and support for advising to both students and faculty in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. Prospective students, undecided students, and students considering a change in major often meet with professional staff advisors in the Office of Academic Programs to discuss and compare options. Students and faculty may also contact us with questions about general education requirements, university-wide policies and procedures, or the application of transfer credits.

Sometimes, students get to know a faculty member as a class instructor or club advisor and decide to work with that individual as their faculty advisor. Advisors and students each have their own personalities and “styles.” Differences usually do not indicate right and wrong; they often represent differing styles and expectations. If you believe your advisor is not the best match for you, you can request a change of advisor with the “school, major, and/or advisor change form.” If you are changing majors, your advisor will be changed to an advisor in your new field of study.

Learn more about making an appointment with faculty and professional advisors.