Agriculture and Natural Resources

Student and cowThe Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) major is an interdisciplinary major designed for students who want broad training in agricultural, environmental, and/or health sciences, with content that does not readily align with any one department or major. Students work with advisors to develop and complete a personalized and interdepartmental baccalaureate program based on their educational and career interests and goals. Courses selected for this major will include both introductory and advanced material from multiple departments in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR), as well as prerequisite and related knowledge and experiences in other disciplines.


Major Requirements: Please review the plan of study page for the most recent catalog year.


Contact: To learn more about the AGNR major, please contact an advisor in Academic Programs.

Make an appointment with Kristen Dostaler, Laura Mlyniec-Beam or Meagan Ridder.