Education Abroad: Dublin, Ireland

UConn Global One Health: Irish and US Perspective

Program - May Term, 3 weeks

Beautiful, vibrant Ireland will be the location of this UConn faculty-led education abroad program that is focused on the intersection of animal health, human health and environmental sustainability. In this three week May term Education Abroad course, we will examine issues surrounding food production and food safety issues based on the “One Health” model.  “One Health” is terminology recently introduced to encompass the global interrelationships among human health, animal health and environmental health issues.

The two agricultural systems chosen to illustrate these interactions are dairy/cheese production and aquaculture. We will spend the first week gaining an understanding of the US system in regards to ‘One Health’. We will have lectures and discussion with experts in the field and visit agricultural production systems in the UConn/New England areas. We will then travel to Dublin, Ireland, to gain an appreciation of how Ireland and the European Union approach this new initiative while touring food processing sites and distribution centers and learning about governmental policies to ensure a safe and high quality food supply. And finally we will explore the green country-side and oceans where food production starts; the farms and animals. We will have opportunities to visit and participate in traditional Irish methods of food production.  This program will clearly demonstrate how a viable sustainable food production system can meets the goals of the “One Health” initiative.




Ireland Horses




Ireland One Health


You will earn 3 UConn graded credits (ANSC 3693/PVS 3093) in this program which is team taught by Dr. Sandra Bushmich, Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science and Dr. Sheila Andrew, Department of Animal Science. View a sample syllabus.

  1. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the global One Health Vision.
  2. Students will apply these concepts to 2 major food industries important in both the United States and Ireland, dairy/cheese production and fish farming.
  3. Students will understand the impact of cultural and regulatory differences between the two countries on the development and implementation of One Health initiatives.
  4. Students will apply this knowledge to development of a strategic action plan addressing one of the targeted industries in both countries; unique and mutual strategies will be explored.


Students will be housed in UConn university housing or hotels near site visits for the first week of the course. Students will live within the same unit and meals will be prepared and eaten together during the first week of the course. While in Ireland, housing in Dublin will be in hotels within the main part of Dublin, which will facilitate visits to food production systems, nearby University College Dublin, and the fun of a major European city. While touring the northern, western and southern areas of Ireland, we will be staying primarily at Bed and Breakfast and small inns. We will include tours of important areas that show us the heart of Ireland, hikes in the country-side as well as meeting and visiting with Irish students with interests in Food Safety and One Health.

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