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Education Abroad - General Opportunities

UConn Education Abroad Office offers many types of programs in various countries that work well for CAHNR students. These programs can be for a semester, summer, or winter intersession length. 

Read CAHNR students' experiences studying abroad in the College Ambassador blog.

The programs listed below are led by faculty in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, listed alphabetically by country.


Havana, Cuba: UConn Food and Revolution: The Cuban Experience (winter)

The course will cover Cuba’s remarkable history pertaining to agricultural production and food security. During a time called the “special period,” Cuba experienced a severe food crisis due to the collapse of trade relations with the former Soviet Union and the ongoing U.S. trade embargo. As a result, efforts in sustainable agriculture, organic farming, and a strong development of biological controls for pest management have become a hallmark of Cuban agriculture. Nevertheless, challenges to production and access remain. The evolution of food systems continues in Cuba, and students will have the opportunity to meet with farmers, scientists, government officials, community leaders, and urban agriculture practitioners to learn about the history of and future vision for food production and food security. Students will earn 3 credits of AGNR 3095.

China Study Abroad_edited

Chengdu and Beijing, China: UConn Environmental and Natural Resources of China (summer)

This 3-week study program at Sichuan University allows students to interact with Chinese students and faculty, and travel the countryside. Led by CAHNR professor Harrison Yang, students learn about natural resources, sustainable development, and globalization in China. This is a field based course which involves many trips to local villages and farms. Visit a tea production facility, spend time at a panda breeding center, and tour the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City. Students will get 3 credits for NRE 3675 - Environmental and Natural Resources of China.

Ireland One Health

Dublin, Ireland: UConn Global One Health: Irish and US Perspective (summer)

In this 3-week May term program, students will take a 3-credit course focused on the intersection of animal health, human health, and environmental sustainability. Students will examine issues surrounding food production and food safety issues based on the "One Health" model. The two agricultural systems chosen to illustrate these interactions are dairy/cheese production and fish farming. 

Students spend the first week gaining an understanding of the US system, before traveling to Dublin, Ireland to gain an appreciation of how Ireland and the European Union approach this new initiative by touring food processing sites and distribution centers. To learn more about this education abroad opportunity, visit its webpage

Florence Italy

Florence, Italy: Sustainable Food and Environmental Systems (fall semester)

The Sustainable Food and Environmental Systems Program at the International Studies Institute at Palazzo Rucellai in Florence invites students to spend the fall semester studying sustainable food and environmental systems in Italy in its three key dimensions: the environment, economy and society. 

Instruction is in English and provided by teachers from the International Studies Institute of Florence and faculty members from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. Classroom work is supplemented by wonderful opportunities to "learn by doing" in the field. Students gain hands-on experiences, including participating in a grape harvest and olive oil production. Read the blog written by students on the Fall 2014 trip. 

Study Abroad in Italy

Florence, Italy: UConn Mediterranean Diet and Tuscan Cuisine (summer)

This program is designed for undergraduates with an interest in food, nutrition, dietetics, or other health related fields. Led by CAHNR professor Jane Kerstetter, students will take classes and be totally immersed in the Italian food culture. There will be food related tours and workshops that focus on the social and cultural factors that have shaped food consumption practices and patterns in Tuscany. 

South Africa

Djuma Game Reserve, South Africa: South African Field Ecology (summer)

This summer South African Field Ecology experience, led by CAHNR professor Dr. Morty Ortega, provides both an academic component at UConn and a field component at Djuma Game Reserve. This venue is a close neighbor to Kruger National Park, one of the largest national parks in South Africa.

See student photos and video compilations from past summers.

Study Away

"Study Away" - U.S. Agriculture Production Annual Field Trip (Summer)

Faculty and students from CAHNR take a road trip from Connecticut to Wyoming and back to learn firsthand how America produces its food.

Read the UConn Today article about their trip, or check out one of their blogs: