Faculty Advising Resources

The resources below should be helpful for faculty advisors in working with their advisees. If you or your advisee have any larger questions or complex issues, please call the Office of Academic Programs at 860-486-2919 for assistance. 

Resources on academic planning:

Resources for student support services:

Probation, Dismissal, and Graduation Procedures:

  • University bylaws on probation and dismissal
    • Students are on scholastic probation for the next semester in which they are enrolled if their academic performance is such that they are included in any of the following conditions:

      1. Students who have earned 0-11 credits who have earned less than a 1.8 semester grade point average.
      2. Students who have earned 12-23 credits who have earned less than a 1.8 semester grade point average.
      3. Students who have earned 24 credits or more and who have earned less than a 2.0 semester grade point average or cumulative grade point average.
    • A student who fails to meet these minimum scholastic standards for two consecutively registered semesters is subject to dismissal. However, no student with at least a 2.3 semester grade point average after completing all courses for which he or she is registered at the end of a semester shall be subject to dismissal.

  • Academic Probation Information: stipulations:
    • 14 credit maximum, complete Academic Recovery and Engagement Plan (AREP)
    • Meeting with assigned faculty advisor (or designee if necessary)
      • To view the AREP form, access portal instructions from Academic Programs 
      • Faculty will email acadprog@uconn.edu after meeting to lift probation hold which prevents registration
  • Dismissal Information
  • Readmission policies and information

Diversity & Inclusion Resources:

  • "Now What? Strategic Path to Inclusive Higher Education" - A Talk by Shannon Archibeque-Engle
  • As of February 5, 2019, undergraduate students will be required to complete an online training program aimed at decreasing interpersonal violence entitled “Not Anymore." Registration and transcript holds may be placed on student accounts until the training has been completed.

CAHNR Faculty/Staff Workshop:

Optimizing Mental Health and Wellness of Faculty and Staff: COVID19 Edition

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Department of Educational Leadership

Center for Students with Disabilities

Dean of Students

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Office of the Vice President for Research

Technology Commercialization Services

Transform Lab Research into Products for Public Benefit - by Vaibhav Saini