Education Abroad: Florence, Italy

Sustainable Food and Environmental Systems

Photo1 florenceProgram – Fall Semester

Enjoy one of UConn’s most successful study abroad programs in the Tuscany region of Italy. Instruction is in English and provided by teachers from the International Studies Institute of Florence (ISI Florence), and faculty members from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.

Classroom work is supplemented by wonderful opportunities to “learn by doing” in the field. Students gain hands-on experiences including participation in a grape harvest and olive oil production! Read blog posts written by students in the Fall 2014 group about what they experienced in Italy.

*View the ISI Florence website here.



Courses listed below are scheduled Monday through Thursday (leaving Friday through Sunday for other adventures). Credits earned are transferred back to UConn (visit the Education Abroad website for more details).

Course Cr Instruction
HIST 3993: Foundations of Sustainable Food Systems: A Historical Perspective 3 ISI Florence
ARE 4993 Foreign Study: The Business of Sustainable Food Supply Chains in Italy 3 ISI Florence
AGNR 3093: Sustainability of Food and Environmental Systems in U.S. and Italy: A Comparative Perspective* 3 UConn*
INTD 1993: Italian Language: The Florence Experience 4 ISI Florence
ANTH 1093: Cultural Literacy Workshop 1 ISI Florence

*View the Fall 2013 course syllabus.



Q: Do I need to be a major in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources to participate?

A: No. Any major at the University of Connecticut interested in food, its production and environmental sustainability will benefit from the experience. Couple the academic coursework with the art and history of Florence and the scenery of the surrounding countryside and you have an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.


Q: Where can I find the application?

A: To learn more and apply, visit the Education Abroad website.