Graduate International Student Programs


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3+1 (+X) Undergraduate Excellence Program

In this program, referred undergraduate students from Sichuan University (China) and China Agricultural University (China) apply to UConn as non-degree students for their final (senior) year of undergraduate study. Their UConn courses are transferred back to their home institution upon completion of the academic year, and they obtain their degree from their home institution following completion of their degree requirements. During the beginning of their year at UConn, students apply for admission to a UConn Graduate Program in a field relating to their undergraduate studies and consistent with the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between UConn and the respective University. All Graduate School admissions criteria applies.

China Programs

3+1 Graduate Excellence Program

In this program, referred graduate students from Renmin University (China) apply to UConn as for their final year of graduate study. Once matriculated, students complete the degree requirements for the UConn program in which they are enrolled and receive their graduate degree from UConn.