Pre-Orientation Checklist

Please review the following checklist. You should complete all items before attending an Orientation session. This checklist is focused on academic steps necessary to have a successful Orientation session in CAHNR.

  • Please review your acceptance letter to verify the major you have been accepted into. If you have any questions about your major, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
    • Make sure you visit your major’s website in order to familiarize yourself with its requirements, policies, location, as well as faculty and staff.
    • Explore your own major and career options with The Major Experience, as well as other major options at the University.
    • If you want to change your major before Orientation, review the FAQ page for specific directions.
  • Complete the Technology Tutorial. This item is essential as you are expected to know how to navigate the StudentAdmin system without assistance. If you know how to add courses and use permission numbers, this will expedite the registration process.
  • Take the Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE). Most students entering into CAHNR will need to take the MPA. A qualifying score of 17 is needed to register for pre-calculus (MATH 1060Q), and score of 22 is needed to register for calculus (MATH 1131Q). You should set aside at least 90 minutes to take the test in advance of attending Orientation. If you do not receive the score that you desired, it is strongly recommended you spend time using the learning modules or math resources and take the test again. You have three attempts per semester to increase your score. It is important that you receive the necessary score before attending Orientation if you want to register for pre-calculus or calculus, as the score is a pre-requisite to the course.
    • Majors that need to take MPE: Allied Health Sciences, Animal Science, Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources, Pathobiology
    • If you plan on attending graduate school (pre-vet, pre-med, pre-teaching, etc.) you should take the MPE regardless of major.
  • If you plan on transferring credit to UConn, either Advanced Placement (AP), Early College Experience (ECE), or from a previous institution, please review the Transferring Credit page.