Transferring Credit

Transferring Advanced Placement (AP) & Early College Experience (ECE) Courses

  • For AP scores please contact the College Board and make sure your scores are sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you have questions about what scores you need for the course to transfer to UConn, visit the Admissions AP Credits website.
    • Please make sure you let the advisors at Orientation know your AP scores during registration as well. If you do not know your AP scores yet, discuss possible scenarios with your advisor at Orientation.
  • For ECE courses taken at UConn while in high school, you will have the opportunity to apply these courses to your official transcript. Please make sure your advisor is aware of the ECE courses and grades during Orientation.


Transferring Credits from a Previous Institution – Transfer Students

  • Make sure your official transcripts from your previous institution(s) are sent to UConn as soon as possible in order to avoid any enrollment issues.
  • A week before Orientation, review your Transfer Credit Report. If the report has notes of people to contact for a course review, please follow those directions as soon as possible. This is important if you need this course as a pre-requisite during registration.
  • Remember to keep any syllabi from your previous institution(s), as you will need to present them if you have any questions regarding re-evaluation of your transfer credits.